Church Planting Women – Don’t Do It Alone!

Jul 7, 2020

What’s Google Hangouts? I had no idea. I also didn’t know anyone who was going to be on the call. But I knew I was lonely. Sarah Burnett invited me to a Bloom Google Hangout in September of 2013 (thank you, email archives!). I responded by saying this:

I am beginning to definitely see my need for relationships for other women who are in church planting endeavors. Our journey has been so exciting and filled with so much joy so far, but lately over the past couple weeks I have started to feel lonelier and more isolated since we’re away from family and friends. So, this whole thing comes at a perfect time!

The Google Hangout, which basically functioned like a Zoom call at the time, was with five other women in church planting. I don’t remember what we talked about, but I remember it made me feel less lonely and more connected with women who understood the pre-launch phase of church planting. 

It’s hard to believe that this was almost seven years ago; and now I have the joy of stepping into the role of Director of Bloom. The Bloom Community has been integral in my development as a leader and a church planter. As I have served on the Stadia team over the past two and half years, I know that Stadia is committed to championing women to serve and lead in their own unique giftings. It is a privilege to serve on such an incredible and passionate team! 

Stadia’s value of relationships is what Bloom is all about. We offer opportunities for connection, both in person and online, that help empower women to maximize their roles in starting churches. Our Leadership Community is dreaming about new ways to help women connect with one another through mentorship and coaching as well as ways to enhance existing programs such as Intensives and the Bloom Prayer and Cares Team to be even more accessible to the busy lives of women. 

2020 has already been a year full of unexpected change for the Church. Church Planters are having to practice adaptability, resilience, and innovative thinking like never before. As Stadia is committed to resourcing Church Planters through their COVID-19 response, Bloom is committed to coming alongside what Stadia is already doing to help connect Church Planting Women and help them thrive. 

Bloom has helped me to be a hope-bringer to my local church. Because of my involvement with Bloom, I have a much stronger grasp of my gifts as a leader and a church planter. I know what areas I need to lean into and the areas in which I need to empower others. As the Director of Bloom, I also want to be a hope-bringer. I want to cheer women on in their unique contexts and help connect them to women who are relentlessly going after the calling that God has on their lives.

The learning curve for the rest of 2020 will be steep as we learn and adjust. Yet I know that this work is worth it–and we won’t stop until every child has a church!

Heidy helps empower women to thrive in all areas of church planting. Prior to church planting and her role in Bloom, Heidy worked for 10 years in Leadership Development and Higher Education. She and her husband Josh planted Movement Church in Newport, KY in March, 2014 and have two amazing kiddos, Isaac and Clara Jo. Heidy is also passionate about storytelling and making any event or activity just a little more fun.

Heidy Tandy

Director of Bloom, Stadia