Church Planting Assessment Brings Out Your Very Best

Jul 3, 2018

Are you giving God your very best? Your Kingdom Impact is at its greatest when you are doing exactly what God has uniquely created you to do. Stadia’s Church Planting Assessment Center walks future church planters and campus pastors through a process that will help you determine your very best fit within the church.

As you dig deeper and discover just how God has uniquely created you and determine the very best way that you can serve God’s Kingdom, your Kingdom Impact is at its greatest. Stadia’s Church Planting Assessment Center helps leaders …


Develop a clear awareness of how God created you:

Most leaders can answer the question, “What am I really good at?” with some certainty. Assessment digs deeper and helps you answer this question with clarity and confidence. The assessment process, the team, and the event are designed to help you gain the best picture of who you are. As you work through a series of exercises, training elements, personality assessments, and times of reflection and feedback, assessment helps you clearly identify those things that you do best and discern how God has uniquely created you. With a clearer sense of who you are and how God has created you, you can discover your very best role within the church.


Become the very best leader you can be:

A great church starts with a great leader. Assessment helps leaders take steps to be the very best leader they can be by identifying areas of improvement while also fine tuning existing leadership skills. Leaders who attend assessment benefit from 360 degrees of feedback designed to help you gain a more complete perspective on how your leaderships influences those around you. Assessment offers a multi-lensed approach designed to discover you from every angle. Assessment will affirm you where you are, encourage you along the journey, and help you take steps toward becoming the best leader you can be. Stadia’s hope is that leaders who attend assessment will look back on their experience as a significant and influential moment in their church planting journeys.


Set yourself up for long-term success:

The resources committed to starting new churches and campuses are immeasurable and come with great sacrifice. Effective leaders will strive to see that investment produce the greatest impact for many years to come. Church planting requires not only short term effectiveness, but long term success. Church Planting takes endurance–endurance with your faith, your family, and your leadership. Assessment helps you develop rhythms for you and your family that will sustain you through your church planting journey. Church planters who stay in the game, pace themselves for success.  Assessment helps you discern your best pace and rhythm to set you up for long-term success.

If you want to maximize your Kingdom Impact, Stadia’s Church Planting Assessment Center is here to help!  Let Stadia help you find your best role within the church and get started in the right direction today! Click the link and learn more about Assessments coming up in August, September and November.