Cheering On One Another: The Plant Strong Podcast

Sep 15, 2020

Stadia invited Lisa Bennett, Host of the Plant Strong podcast, to share why she is so passionate about the mission of Bloom and what gets her so excited about their podcast.

I was never a cheerleader, but some of my favorite friends were.  It seems such a waste that God granted me the exceptionally loud mouth and yet not the other necessary skills, but who am I to question His wisdom.  I DID take gymnastics classes for a few years and yet, no one in their right mind would have ever called me a gymnast.  “All arms and legs” is a descriptor much better suited for a scrappy girl on the basketball or volleyball court, in contrast to the graceful power seen on the gym floor.  Hang with me, we’re going somewhere besides my yearbook…

Do you remember the viral video from January 2019 of Katelyn Ohashi, the UCLA gymnast?  Her floor routine CRACKLES with joy!  She is strength and beauty in human form.  However, while she is mesmerizing in her performance, what I love equally about the routine is the recorded responses of her teammates.  They are phenomenal gymnasts in their own right – but for that specific stretch of time, they are the world’s most focused cheerleaders!  Do your worn-down spirit a favor and go watch.  Those teammates of Katelyn’s know her routine inside and out and they are taking every breath and leaning every lean right along with her.  Seriously, go watch – I’ll wait to wrap this up when you return.

When I first saw that video the only thing I could think of was, “That is EXACTLY how I want my life to look!”  To know the lives of my people so well, who I cheer on in the daily-ness of life, that I can literally do their routines with them, cheering them on with my big mouth every step of the way.  To know that what is important to you, and what you regularly give your time and attention to, matters and is valued by others gives your soul a boost like little else.

Enter, Bloom!  Bloom’s entire reason for existence is to champion women in church planting.  And guess who are the ones championing them?  Other church planting women!  We have an entire community waiting to welcome you with open arms all the while saying, “I get you – I see you – Yes, it IS weird that your church’s storage room is also your dining room!”

Walking hand in hand with Bloom is our Plant Strong Podcast – yours truly gets to stand in her role of cheerleader needing ZERO dance skills (though I CAN play a mean round of Wii Just Dance!).  Every other week I have the privilege of listening to stories from guests who are in every imaginable stage of church planting.  We celebrate victories, learn from mistakes, gain wisdom from best practices, and most life-giving of all, bring the focus back to the Giver of all the good things in the first place. So, consider yourself invited – your team is waiting for you!

Lisa Bennett planted LifeBridge Church in the Atlanta area with her husband, Jeff, where they still live with their two daughters, Madi and Macy.

Lisa Bennett

Plant Strong Podcast Host