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Honoring People Who Are Helping You Start Churches

Mar 24, 2022

Stadia has been a virtual organization since way before virtual was cool. In fact, in our 19 years as an organization, the closest thing we’ve had to an “office” is a PO Box located in central Ohio. Beyond that, our team of almost 60 works from homes and coffee shops across the country. Some of you church leaders are even so kind as to let us “squat” in your church building lobbies. Thanks!

The benefit of our WFH culture is low overhead so we can have more funds to help you start thriving, growing, multiplying churches. It also allows us to hire high impact talent from across the country (and my hope is someday from around the world).

The challenge with a virtual company is keeping everyone connected and aligned on mission. That is why we are constantly talking about Stadia’s Vision and Values and celebrating the way we see those play out as we watch God’s work through church planting.

Last month the Stadia team left our Zoom squares and headed to El Paso, TX, for our bi-annual in-person Team Rally. During that week we took time to recognize team members who best exemplify Stadia’s values.

We wanted to take some time to honor them here, too, so you can know more about the people who are on mission to help you start thriving, growing, multiplying churches for the next generation.

RELATIONSHIPS Value Award Winner: Mo Hofman, Las Vegas, NV

Mo serves church planters as a Project Manager, which is comparable to an executive minister who helps leaders get their churches started. Here’s how one church leader described Mo’s prowess for relationships: “Even though she is three time zones and 2000 miles away, Mo is a valuable member of our church plant. Her gifts of encouragement and empathy shine through, whether we call her with stories of success or feelings of frustration. Her care and understanding make her a great sounding board when we’re trying to figure out what we’re supposed to do next. Her passionate prayers are powerful and effective, and it’s evident God is listening when she speaks! She has the ability to help keep us on track while giving us the latitude needed to find God’s direction along the way.”

IMPACT Value Award Winner: Julie Botset, Midlothian, VA

Julie works in our Planter Development Team, most recently collaborating to revitalize Stadia’s Discovery and Assessment processes with a multi-ethnic and scaling lens so we can serve thousands more church planters. A team member nominated Julie for the Impact award in this way: “Julie makes an impact in whatever room she is in. She always speaks wisdom. You want to hear what she has to say when she talks because you know it is going to make an impact. She is incredible smart and capable and uses that at whatever table she gets to sit around. She makes an impact not only on her team but on every team she temporarily steps on to, and she does get those experiences because others see her value and impact.”

URGENCY Value Award Winner: Amber Craft, Kissimmee, FL

Amber serves the almost 60 team members as Manager of Culture and Team Development. All of those people who affirm that Amber is super fast in serving the team so they all can serve you better in starting churches. Here’s how one team member described Amber as the epitome of Stadia’s Urgency value:

Amber’s first inclination to a request or problem is “How can I serve this person as swiftly and thoroughly as possible?” She is the type of person who will roll up her sleeves and get anything done. She is a learner, she will do whatever it takes and she honestly makes us better. Not only is she all these things and more, but she does everything with a since of urgency, care and love. I could not be more confident in the direction of our organization with Amber directing our path!

CHILDREN Value Award Winner: Alex Robinson, Harrisburg, PA

Known as “the magician” in Stadia world, Alex is a talented videographer and an incredible storyteller, helping us celebrate all the ways God is helping children around the world have new churches. The team celebrated his value of children in this way:

“Have you seen what this man can create?! Alex’s vision for the assets he creates is beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. He could get 2 minutes of B-roll and make a phenomenal life changing videos that brings people to Jesus. Every video I watch that he has created has made me cry. He also does this in half the time! He is so dedicated to his work and the kingdom impact that it has, it’s inspiring. Every story he helps us tell points people to the need for every child to have a church. His families own journey of parenting and adoption is inspiring.”

CELEBRATION Value Award Winners: Becky and Matt Murphy, North Beach, MD

Through Stadia’s Planter Discovery Team and specifically Bloom, Becky Murphy serves helps women maximize their role in starting churches. Matt leads our central mission support team, ensuring the infrastructure of Stadia is solid technically, financially and through marketing and events. In addition to their job functions, the Murphys play a significant role in Stadia’s culture of cheering on each other and having fun together. Their nominator said: “The Murphy’s epitomize the concept of ‘work hard, play hard.’ Their impact on Stadia’s work is immeasurable and yet they model a great balance of boundaries … focusing on time with their own family, as well as inspiring the Stadia team to ‘chill’ through things like Recess and regular non-work storytelling.”

The celebration of our Values Awards culminated in an overall honoree as we presented the Stadia Vision award to church planting pioneer and longtime Stadia Team Member John Wasem. Check out this article for how John was honored for his commitment to Stadia’s vision for every child to have a church.

Congratulations to all our Value Award winners … and to all of you who reflect these values as you work to start new churches for the next generation!


Janie Mehaffey

Janie Mehaffey


Champion of People. Advocate for Clarity. Celebrator of God’s work through starting thriving, growing, multiplying churches for the next generation. Janie serves the Stadia team to create a relationship-focused, high impact culture that moves us all toward a world where Every Child Has a Church. With over 30 years of experience, Janie has served as Communications Director of Traders Point Christian Church in Indianapolis and as a Communications Strategist with Fishhook, an innovative creative services company that consults with churches of all sizes across the country. She has worked with church planting teams in Manchester, CT, and Miami, FL, and a wide-spectrum of non-profit organizations, including Exponential Network, the American Diabetes Association and Kappa Delta Sorority. She and her husband, Matt, live in Pittsburgh, PA, with their two sons, who are originally from Taiwan.