But Still, Someone Heard About Jesus

Jul 29, 2021

 ‘The worst thing that could happen is that whatever you’re trying didn’t take off…but someone still heard about Jesus.’
Leading up to the Innovation Meetup, we will share examples of multiple expressions of church from the leaders of those churches themselves. Today we’re hearing from digital church pastor, Tyler. At the Innovation Meetup we’ll be tackling the idea of multimodal church. That is, multiple expressions of church. Do we keep telling a story of church guided by black-and-white, compartmentalized, this or that thinking? Or can We begin to see multiple expressions of church as an “AND” in the story God is writing for His glory?
Stadia: Tell us about yourself!
Tyler: I am a pastor and an award winning filmmaker. I have the honor of leading the digital church, Church Anywhere. We have been blown away by how God has used our team of staff and volunteers in physical and digital ways!
S: Tell us about how your church has embraced a different model of church.
T: We have been using social media, micro-sites, online worship experiences, and digital missionaries in various capacities for around five years. Recently we have been focused on online discipleship and launched a habit forming app called ‘One Step Closer’ that is designed to challenge you to take one step closer to Jesus every day.
S: What is a win you have experienced?
T: Over the last five years, we have baptized over 350 people through digital or micro-site connections.
S: What is a challenge you have experienced?
T: With anything that is on the cutting edge of society, there are always challenges. In the church world, we are slow to embrace change and new ways of doing ministry. The biggest challenge for Church Anywhere has been trying to bridge generational gaps who are not on the same levels of technological understanding.
S: What advice would you give church leaders as they work through new expressions of church?
T: Don’t be afraid to try things. The worst thing that could happen is that whatever you are trying didn’t take off…but someone still heard about Jesus.