Bookkeeping, Fundraising, and Kingdom Collaboration

Apr 12, 2019

Michelle Parker is the Director of Bookkeeping for Stadia Church Planting, providing quality financial care and systems so churches can thrive. Her passion for helping churches is understandable – she has been a pastor’s wife for 22 years and co-planted SummitLIFE church in Sedona, AZ in 2012. She also helped launch over 30 churches in her previous role as Project Manager for Stadia. Michelle loves spending time with her wonderful husband of 26 years, David, and her three incredible children. She is also grandma to three sweet babies. Michelle isn’t only active as a grandma, wife, mom, church planter, and director of bookkeeping. She keeps her free time busy by flexing her creative muscles, cooking (she attended culinary school), and playing bass guitar. Michelle loves to remind church planters that she is on their team, and that virtual relationships don’t have to feel distant! She is passionate about helping church planters focus on their mission, and that’s why she’s so committed to providing excellent bookkeeping services to church plants and established churches alike!

So, what on earth does that have to do with fundraising and kingdom collaboration? Well, Michelle recently was the interviewee on TV, and her years as project manager for Stadia helped her to talk about fundraising training with Stadia, as well as the benefits of technology in church finances and Stadia’s Next Chapter for accelerating church planting!

You can watch the interview below!

We’re so proud of Michelle’s passion to help church planters start off on a strong financial footing! Our team of bookkeepers is the best in the business, because:

  1. They’re experts in church finances. They will make sure all the hard work you do on fundraising and/or that all the gifts you receive from your congregation are used wisely and well!
  2. They’ll go above and beyond for you. Each church planter and church leader is unique, and our bookkeepers don’t apply a one-size-fits-all program! Our bookkeepers leverage all the platforms Michelle referenced in her interview to make sure that you can focus on what’s really important – your mission!
  3. They want to know you! Virtual doesn’t mean distant. Our bookkeepers are committed to caring for, praying for, laughing with, and supporting each one of their clients. Why would Michelle take time to interview about fundraising when she now works in bookkeeping? Because she truly cares about church planters and church leaders!

If you are spending too much time (and isn’t that really any time at all?) worrying about your church’s finances, you need to get connected with Stadia Church Bookkeeping! Our services are available for church planters (and you can start your church planting journey for free here) or for leaders of any church! Don’t waste one more second worrying about your own finances or spending too much money paying for services from an organization that is just building up its own revenue! Invest in church planting while freeing yourself up to focus on your mission!