El Abra Esmirna Church

June 2016 Update 

Dear friends from Northeast church. We are happy to inform you that we have celebrated our first baptism in the El Abra community. A young boy and a girl took this important decision and we celebrated with them.

Right now we are also happy because the 3rd classroom has now floor as well as the temple. Many moms and even with their children came to support the construction work. It was a beautiful day with a happy ending as we have now a cement floor for all classrooms and the temple. The next construction steps are the fine work on the temple and the floor in one last classroom. After having this finished we will put the windows and doors in every classroom.

Lately our city suffered from several strikes and we couldn´t bring the construction materials we required. This is pretty common here in Bolivia.

The Child Survival Program started and all the leadership was involved in registering pregnant moms and children. Now, we are equipping this classroom in order to start group activities in the CSP room.

We would like to thank our donors for such a love for this community. As a church, we see many needs, but we wouldn´t be able to supply for any of them if we wouldn´t have their support, financially and in prayer.

Dear friends, thank you very much for your support to El Abra Esmirna church.The pastor and project staff is very committed to the community in El Abra. They are thankful for all your financial support and prayers. They know they have partners praying for them and when they see all children and parents attending and praising the Lord, they know all their efforts are not in vain. I visit them regularly and I witness of their love for children and hardwork. I rejoice working for Compassion and to see first-hand how this partnership with Stadia allows churches to grow up and to fulfill God’s purpose.

Sonia Villavicencio

Partnership Facilitator, Daughter Church

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