El Abra Esmirna Church

February 2016 Update 

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, we greet you with blessings. We would like to tell you we concluded the finishing details in four classrooms and one office. Likewise, the structural work of the temple has been concluded; we recently just placed the flooring and roof sealing. We are expecting to finish the details within the temple soon and place the doors and windows in the end.

One of the challenges we face is to install the ceramics promptly, as a recommendation from the engineer in charge of the construction. Part of the work is done by church volunteers, and another by paid contractors and workers. On Sundays and holidays, fathers volunteer their time to advance with the construction.

At the project, we continue with our activities. The SEC program mothers (Survival Early Childhood) have a class of their own. They gather every couple of weeks at the project and receive weekly home visits on behalf of the program implementers. The children attend the project on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and are using the new classrooms for all their activities. The kitchen isn’t finished yet; only the structural work has been done so far. For this reason, the meals for the children are prepared at the mother church’s project and brought to ours. Our most important and urgent goal is to finish the kitchen because it will greatly improve our service to the children.

Our church meetings continue as normal, our general service takes place each Sunday morning. Please continue to pray for the new church members, the leaders, and all the children who attend the project. Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement.

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