Roca de Bet-El Church

February 2016 Update 

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Allow for us to share our progress in the construction and our activities in the church up to date. In the first place, we would like to mention that the structural construction of the classrooms has been concluded. We also had the electric installations in all of the classrooms. We are working in the finishing details for one of the small offices and three classrooms. All of the classrooms have ceramic floors installed. We also worked on the exterior walls of the classrooms and church temple. The church temple’s roof was recently placed, and we are yet to install the doors and dropped ceiling.  Not long ago we began installing the ceramic flooring inside the temple.

While we have seen significant progress, there have been a few setbacks this month due to the blockades and strikes that took place on the main roads in the country. The construction materials for the dropped ceiling and ceramics did not arrive until after the conflicts were resolved. This also kept us from hiring contractors because they could not reach the church. Nonetheless, the brothers and leaders from our church volunteered their time to continue with the construction. We are so blessed to count with their support.

At the moment, all of the project’s activities continue as usual; we currently serve the children four days per week. We leave one day per week for the tutors to organize their class plans and activities. This week we are installing the doors and windows in the classrooms, and in a couple of weeks, the children and tutors will be able to move into the finished classrooms. In the meanwhile, we are renting a house with a couple of rooms and a small garden for all our activities with the children. The house is located a few blocks away from our church.  

We continue with our Sunday services in the church. The women’s group get together and organize a food fair once per month and on every holiday. Please continue to pray for us, as we pursue our goals and trust the Lord with all our hearts. Please pray we are greatly encouraged and motivated as we draw closer to the conclusion of the construction process. Pray for all our church meetings and fundraising activities that allow us to hire more workers. Thank you for partnering with us to bless the lives of the people living in this community. God bless you abundantly.

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