Church at San Carlos

May 2015 Update 

The San Carlos area is located on a hill, which hinders access to basic services such as sewage systems, drinking water, and good roads. It is also an area where there are unstable land erosion due to water becoming muddy area in times of rain.

Families who live in this area are low income families and generally earn money with small sales of candy, ice cream or lunch. Many families earn only $130 USD per month, and that income does not cover the basic needs of families, which are often quite large, with five to seven children per family.

With all of these things seemingly working against San Carlos, the Church in San Carlos has an incredible opportunity to live out Christ’s love in Bolivia! Currently the area does not have a church that can spread the gospel and teach biblical principles to live under, so there is a great opportunity for social and spiritual work with these families in need to know the word of God.


  • That God will provide the children and families whose hearts He has prepared for the Gospel message (up to 200 children and 25 families)
  • For strong relationships to be built with the children, and that the children will receive strong teaching and the right physical sustenance from the church
  • For building projects to run smoothly and provide enough space for all those who are being ministered to in San Carlos

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