Falsuri Church

February 2016 Update

Beloved brothers in sisters in Christ, we are joyous to write you this update. We are happy to let you know that the children are using their new classrooms for all their activities within the project. For over a year, the church had been borrowing classrooms at the local school. However, now that our new classrooms at church have been concluded, the children use these comfortable, equipped and new spaces.

Likewise, church services take place in the new temple. On Sundays, we have Sunday school from 9 A.M. and on Wednesdays and Friday’s we have other meetings for the adults in the evening. We have around 50-80 children and teens who attend Sunday Bible school. There are also around 10-15 adults who attend the meetings throughout the week.

We have been faced with all kinds of new challenges in this new season. One of them is the acceptance of the Word of God in this community. We preach the Gospel to the families living in this region, and we would like for you to join us in prayer for the Word of God to reach the parents in each home. We are certain that once the Word enters the lives of the families, they will also reach out to their neighbors and relatives with the Good News of Salvation. Few adults come to our Sunday services; most of the attendees are children. Little by little, we are seeing greater attendance on our Wednesday and Friday meetings. Please pray for the hearts of the parents to be drawn to the Lord Jesus, who is mighty and willing to transform their families for eternity.

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