Dios es Amor Church

May 2015 Update

Dios es Amor church has been doing gospel work in the Chaquimayu community through evangelistic campaigns with the families. Currently, the Evangelistic Ministry organizes “Horita Feliz” (children’s celebration hour, or “little happy hour”) for the children every Sunday and there are around 70 children attending these Sunday meetings. The parents are also receiving Bible teachings. 

For the service to the children and families in the community, the church has built a classroom which is used to teach the Bible to the adults and which doubles as a childrens’ classroom. Furthermore, the community has given Dios es Amor a second classroom which is also used for the scheduled activities for the children.

Because of the generosity of partner churches, Compassion is able to sponsor more children than can currently fit in the space provided! The church in Chaquimayu is aiming to reach at least 200 children as their space grows to 8 classrooms! The church is also hoping to be able to reach at least 30 families as a result of its work with the children of Chaquimayu.


  • For God’s blessing on building projects as the church continues to expand to reach more families and children.
  • For open hearts and minds in the people of Chaquimayu, and for ears to hear the gospel.

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