Luz de Vida Church

December 2017 Update

As a church, we are very thankful to God and to Stadia for the supports that allows this ministry to grow. We are joyful to share that we have 8 classrooms for Sunday school and for the Compassion project activities. I also want to share that now we can hold entrepreneurship workshops, evangelistic campaigns, and other activities in comfort. There is great support and interest among the families that attend church.

As a church and a project, we are working on activities like field trips, evangelistic campaigns, expo-fairs, and cleaning of the surroundings of the church carried out by the children and youth. I also want to inform you that we are working with the board of the neighborhood. We participated in the anniversary celebration of the neighborhood, as well as in the local school’s anniversary. During this celebration, we were given a time to share the Gospel and also talk about the blessings that the project brings to the lives of the children.

One of the challenges we faced as a church were some misunderstandings we had with some people who are not well aware of God’s purpose with our church. But we have times to fast and pray to deal with these people, that Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, can renew the minds and the lives of these few people. Another challenge was the weather, but with the help of Jesus Christ we have been able to carry on with the building process.

We have completed the structural and rough work in the three floors. At the same time, we are also working with the finishing work, that is the plaster in the first two floors. We have also completed rough work on the chapel, the kitchen, the dining hall, the office, and eight classrooms.

In the upcoming months, we will work on arming the structure for the fourth floor. However, the rain at this moment is detrimental for us to work on the finishing work.

I would like to share that the families of the sponsored children support this building process; they are very thankful that they can have comfortable premises for the children. I’d like to share with how our sister in Christ Maruja feels about the construction. She is the mother of Edison and Noel. She is very thankful to God and to the church, and now she is part of the church and works in the different ministries we have. She encourages the rest of the families to support with this construction. The families love the church and the project, that is why they bring refreshments for the builders, and so encourage towards the good progress of this building project.

I would like to thank you again for all the prayers lifted for the Luz de Vida church and for all the efforts made to help us so that God’s purpose can be accomplished and so extend God’s Kingdom through the sharing of the Gospel. Thank you very much for everything and may Jesus Christ bless you.


  • for the Luz de Vida Presbyterian church and the BO-458
  • for the church leaders 
  • for the tutors to do great work in their home visits 
  • for the children in the project 
  • for the health of the families of the beneficiaries 
  • for the families to come to church and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior 
  • for all the brothers and sisters in Christ that are helping with the construction of this infrastructure 
  • for the pastor and his family 
  • for all the staff working at the Compassion project 
  • for the forsaken families in the neighborhood

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