Luz de Vida Church

October 2017 Update

Since our last report, we are happy to inform you that we have progressed with the construction, especially with the partitioning in the second floor. We are also working with weaving the metal rods. As for the finishing work, we are working in the rooms on the ground floor.

As for the activities within the church, we are encouraging and working on evangelism and discipleship to children and their parents. We are also conducting activities to raise funding for our infrastructure after construction.

With the children in the project, we have done many things! We had vacation Bible schools during vacations, and a celebration with children entitled “I Am Special.” We participated in the monthly meetings with the neighbors and we conducted campaigns to clean the neighborhood. We had health campaigns conducted by the church in favor of the neighborhood, as well as our evangelistic outreach.

As for challenges, we have the plan to keep growing in membership and with the construction. Although this process is not easy, the church members are very happy and are encouraging with the activities. We feel very happy to have our premises, especially since they benefit the sponsored children as they have a space to have classes and learn about God’s Word.

Right now in our construction, though we are still primarily working with the structure, we have also started the finishing work on the ground floor and first floor. This means that we have completed the rough work in the already mentioned floors. We still have to pour the concrete in the second floor. As for the next two months, we are planning to complete the finishing work in the ground and first floors and also complete the rough or structure work in the second and third floors.

We are very grateful to the brothers and sisters in Christ for funding this project. I am thankful because this work is a great blessing to the neighborhood and even the neighborhoods around, as it is allowing the church to reach further with the Word of God, and it is reaching many people and rescuing souls for Christ. The project is also helping people change their unhealthy habits and life quality. Thanks to this there is a lower risk of families breaking apart. The project is helping change wrong beliefs for Biblical truths and is helping families live in integrity based on Christ-centered principles. 

I am María Quino. I am a neighbor in the Playa Verde area. I have lived here for 5 years with my husband and children. My children and I attend the Luz de Vida church. At the beginning, when the church opened, there were very few people attending it. But when the project opened, people really didn’t believe that there was going to be an institution that would provide with social help through the church. Many were doubtful and didn’t trust the church and the project – people thought that the children that would get registered were going to be taken away from us, especially since there wasn’t a proper infrastructure – there was just a small and old chapel. But as time went by, people changed their minds. It was then that I started attending the church and I met Pastor Samuel and the missionaries Caleb Lee and his wife Esther Kim who are pastors at the Bet-El church (the mother church) and other brothers and sisters in Christ who were supporting the ministry. They made me feel part of the church. After attending the church for awhile, I decided to get baptized at the Luz de Vida church, with the hope and faith in my heart that God would work a wonder in this place. With great gratitude in my heart, I can say that all things have changed since many families are attending church and have this desire of helping with the progress of the ministry. Something more that I would like to share is that when I speak with some ladies at church, they are already dreaming of having so many activities in the new building. I thank God and those who support us. God bless you.


  • The church leaders to carry on with the labor
  • For the Luz de Vida Church, so that God keeps working through us
  • For the children to become a great blessing to the neighborhood and the country in the future
  • For the parents of the children as their help is of fundamental importance to their children
  • For the neighborhood to improve regarding its life quality
  • For the church members, that God will keep guiding them and protecting them

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