Luz de Vida Church

August 2017 Update

Thanks to God, lately the church and the project have had some changes which have been a huge blessing. I want to share that now we are no longer in a small space like where we used to gather together. Thanks to the help of Stadia, now we worship in a bigger place.

Both the church and the Compassion project planned some activities for the children enrolled in the program. These activities were a great blessing since we’ve been able to share the Gospel. We are beginning to see that the families are more interested in the activities we plan. As a church and Compassion project, we’ve had field trips, evangelistic campaigns, expo fairs, and we have cleaned the surroundings of the neighborhood with the children and youth. We did this last to encourage the children towards a habit of hygiene and stewardship.

The challenges we have faced recently were some misunderstandings caused by some people who do not know of God’s purposes. But we’ve held prayer times not to confront these people, but so that Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, renews the minds and the lives of these few people. Another challenge was to face climate changes. But, with the help of the Lord, we’ve been able to carry on with the construction of the infrastructure.

Right now we’re still building the structure of the second floors. We just poured the concrete in the second floor. We’ve completed the chapel, the kitchen, the dining room, the office, and four classrooms. In the next two months, we will complete the finishing work in the first and second floors; we will place the tiles, plaster the classrooms, place the doors, windows, electric power installations,  and we will also place the columns and pour the concrete and place the bricks in the third floor.

I would like to say once again that we are very thankful for all the efforts made to help us in order to fulfill God’s purposes, and so we can participate in this task of expanding the Gospel and God’s Kingdom. 

In this report, I would like to share how the families have helped with the building process. One afternoon, when sister shared with the mothers in the early childhood education room, I could see that the mothers started to dream with us of a more comfortable room. One of the mothers said that she could already imagine how beautiful the place will look with the whiteboards, the television, the tables, chairs, and the little children sitting on the carpet. This encouraged all mothers to help with the building. I want to say that people show more interest in attending church services and in serving in the ministry. Those parents who don’t have time to come work in the church will often come and bring snacks for those who are working.

Some time ago, the church leaders had to go to the neighborhood and seek for the children to be registered in the program. But this has changed now. It is the families that come to the project asking if there are any quotas for new registrations. I think this is positive. Thanks to the activities that the church and the project carry out, we can see there are changes in each beneficiary and his/her family. This encourages other people also to seek God.


  • For the Luz de Vida Presbyterian church BO-458
  • For the church leaders
  • For the tutors
  • For the health of the families of the beneficiaries
  • For the families of the beneficiaries to attend church services and that they can come to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior
  • For the brothers and sisters in Christ who are volunteering to build this infrastructure

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