Luz de Vida Church

July 2018 Update

Greetings brother and sisters in Canyon Ridge Christian Church! We are excited to be able to update you on the construction and ministry of Iglesia Presbiteriana Luz de Vida!

For reasons of work stoppage due to winter from June and July 2017, and the rainy season (December, January 2018) a time extension amendment was requested until October 31, 2018.

At the moment we have a good progress of the rough work, this work is 96% finished. In addition to the fact that the ground floor and the 1st floor have the finishing work completed 98% and the 2nd floor has 85% of the finishing work execution, 70% of the finishing work on the 3rd floor is completed, and the fourth floor is in the process of construction at 50% rough work for its completion.

The ground floor has an office, kitchen (78% progress of the kitchen) and first floor with four working rooms. The second floor has two fitted out classrooms. Work is being done to complete the second floor, which is 85% completed, 70% of the finishing work is completed in the third floor and the fourth floor has no finishing work yet.

We will continue to work on the completion of the finishing work on the 2nd and 3rd floor (ceramic tile layering) and the 4th floor (rough and finishing work).

In the concluded workplaces we held different activities such as church and projects, we had days of prayer, happy hours of evangelism (winners), family day, health workshop (home model), service activities, entertainment for the primary caregiver (mother’s day) and biblical tournament.

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