Luz de Vida Church

June 2018 Update

Greetings, brothers and sisters of Canyon Ridge! We are happy to be able to update you on our construction and ministry in Playa Verde, Bolivia. We are thankful to God and to all the brothers and sisters in Christ that support us so this ministry can go on. With much joy, we can share that at this moment we have classrooms and a space for the Compassion project activities and the church activities – things like fasting, workshops, evangelistic campaigns, and children’s clubs. We feel encouraged by the sense of commitment that the families in the church and the project have.

Recently as a church and project, we had a prayer day, celebrated all the children whose birthdays fell in the last quarter, did evangelism, and threw a party for all the children because of Children’s Day. We also had a workshop on entrepreneurship and a workshop on health. Finally, we had a baptism service where four people were baptized.

Though things have been going well, we have faced some challenges. One of the challenges was the weather since we had much rainfall, and now we’re entering winter time. All of this has been detrimental to the construction work. However, thanks to God, we carry on with the work in order to complete the construction.

So far, we have completed the ground floor, the office, and 75% of the kitchen. In the first floor, four rooms are already functional, and we are working on completing the finishing work in the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor and 4th floors are about halfway done. In the following months, we will be working on completing the finishing work in the 2nd and 3rd floors and we will complete the construction of the 4th floor.

We want to thank you in the love of Christ for the support you give us by financing the construction. We are constantly praying for you all. May God bless you abundantly.

Teresa says that through the project, she was invited by one of the tutors to attend church, where she was able to meet Jesus Christ and learn of His great love. Sister Teresa feels blessed as she’s able to count on the church, since she didn’t know where to find refuge because her husband had abandoned her with her two children. But she says that it’s been thanks to God’s mercy that she’s been able to get help from the church and the Compassion project because her four-year old son is registered in the program. He is part of the Home-based model (the sponsorship model for children under five years of age, who are given services in their home until they receive services at the church when they attain school age). This is one more reason to thank God. She says that her son is growing in the knowledge of God and hopes that one day her son will become a servant of Christ and will carry the Word and extend God’s Kingdom. Sister Teresa also says that she’s practicing to be part of the church worship ministry.

Teresa Aguilar


  • I would like to ask all the brethren in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ to pray for the following:
  • For the church leaders
  • For the tutors, so God keeps using their lives
  • For all the girls in the project
  • For the health of the families of the beneficiaries and the church members 
  • For the families of the beneficiaries so they come to church and can accept Jesus Christ as their Savior 
  • For the lives of all the brothers and sisters that are helping in the building of the infrastructure
  • For the lives of the missionaries and the pastors

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