Luz de Vida Church

May 2017 Update

In the past few months, since we began construction on our project, we have made much progress. When we started the construction work, the neighborhood leadership was supportive to the church facilitating the paperwork for the church to request the installation of the basic services. The parents are happy because they know that the church will support their children´s development and they are willing to participate in the Sunday services and community work at the construction. Whenever the church organizes evangelistic campaign or health check-ups, the community at large is involved actively.

We have been holding monthly meetings with the neighbors. We also had a cleaning campaign in the area, as well as a health campaign for all the community. We have also held two evangelistic campaigns. Finally, we celebrated Father’s Day on March 19 and Children’s Day on April 21.

We have faced some challenges in the past few months. At the beginning, it was difficult to convince the parents to come and help on the construction work, because the building had been planned for several months but not begun. When they saw the church was supported by funds and they would be able to build, the parents were more open to go and support with their workforce. The mothers even provided snacks or soft drinks to the ones who were working. Also, parents didn´t know about the program very well and were hesitant about supporting the church, but gratefully, now they are excited to see the building finished and to use the new facilities. We have already finished all the major building work on the first floor, and in the upcoming months we will work on the fine details on that floor.

We would like to send our deepest thankfulness for the church that is funding this construction work, because this church is and will be a great blessing for this community and others nearby. We know that because of your generosity, the Lord will reach more and more families throughout the program, teaching them to change their lives and avoid the destruction of their family. 

I have lived here for 5 years with my husband and my children. We are now attending Luz de Vida Church. At the beginning, very few people attended church. We, as parents, thought the social support wasn´t real, and that maybe the sponsors would come and take away our children. We were also hesitant as they told us they would support our children but they didn´t even have a place to do activities with the children. However, our minds began to change as we started attending church on Sundays. We met Pastor Samuel, the missionaries Caleb and Esther Kim, who come from Bethel Church, and other brothers and sisters, and they all made me feel part of the family. After a while of faithful attendance, I decided to be baptized. Since then, I’ve prayed for the Lord to do great things in this community. When I talk to other moms, they are already making plans for the future activities we will be able to do when the construction work will be finished.

Mrs. Maria Quino

Community Resident


  • For the children – for them to be a blessing to the community and country
  • For the parents – for them to support their children as the pillar of the family
  • For the community – for them to have a better quality life
  • For the church members – for the Lord to guide them and take care of them.

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