Luz de Vida Church

February 2018 Update

Greetings, brothers and sisters! With great joy we can say that now we have 8 classrooms completed for Sunday school and the Compassion project activities. I also want to say that now we can conduct workshops on entrepreneurship, evangelistic campaigns, and other activities in more comfortable spaces. There is great support and interest among the families attending the church.

In the rest of our construction, we have completed pouring the concrete in the first, second, and third floors. We also completed the chapel, the kitchen, the dining hall, and the office, though all of this is still the rough work. We are building the walls in the third floor and also doing some finishing work – plastering some of the classrooms in the first and second floors. In the next two months, we will pour the concrete in the fourth floor, since the rain has not let us do the finishing work in the third floor. We will complete the finishing work in the ground and first floors, and then move on the third floor when the rainy season ends.

In our ministries, the church and the Compassion project conducted activities like cleaning the premises and the surrounding area with the mothers in the Home Based model (for children under age 5). I also want to share that we participated in a recent neighborhood meeting, where we were given a time to share the Gospel and promote the blessings that the Compassion project brings to the children.

One of the challenges we have been facing is the poor weather during rainy season. However, we keep working and progressing little by little to complete the work.

We are greatly thankful for all the prayers lifted for the Luz de Vida Presbyterian Church and for all the efforts made to help us so that God’s purposes are fulfilled – that the Gospel is spread and the Kingdom of God is expanded.

I would like to share that families are participating in building the premises and that very grateful for the new and comfortable environments for their children. Sister Maruja Corina, the mother of Edison and Noel, is very thankful to God and the church. She has now joined the church and helps in the church services. She encourages the other families to support the construction work. The families have great appreciation for the church and the project and they bring the refreshments for the builders – this encourages a good development of the construction process.


  • For the Luz de Vida Presbyterian Church BO-458
  • For the church leaders
  • For the tutors, who do a great job of visiting the children
  • For all the children attending the project
  • For the health of the families of the beneficiaries
  • For the families of the beneficiaries to come to church and attend the services so that they can accept Jesus Christ as their Savior
  • For the brothers and sisters helping with the construction of the infrastructure
  • For the pastor and his wife

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