El Olam Church

September 2015 Update


We began the facility construction with a warehouseThis building was needed because there aren’t many people living around the church who could help us watching over the tools and construction materials. The help of brother Walter (the contractor) was really important because day after day he slowly carried the materials, the cement, and the tools to the site. Building the roof of the warehouse was one of the first achievements because it provided us with shade to keep us from the sun, the rain, and the cold. In the meantime we set the terrain limits according to the limit poles, we hired a tractor to dig the foundation slabs, and that helped a lot. It would take us much longer if we had to dig it with our hands. The structuring of iron bars for the pillars took longer since there is no electricity and we couldn’t cut the iron with a grinder. Thank God there was a concrete beams factory nearby, we got a discount because of that. Once the iron joint pillars dried up the beam assembly started using plastiform. This was a delicate task because of the weight of the beams. 


Staff: We currently have a project director (sister Lidia Choque), a Child Survival Implementing Staff (sister Tania), one tutor (sister Laura) and one cook (sister Lidia Quispe). We have one volunteer (sister Alisol). These staff are engaged with the ministry and the implementation of the project, though the challenges are great because of the long distances toward the project, lack of transport and infrastructure, and Tacachira’s overcrowding conditions. We believe that God will provide strength and means to fulfill His purpose. 

The ministry with sponsored children: The activities with children are still held at the Uruguay School in borrowed classrooms. But there are registered children in other communities near Tacachira, such as Ticuyo and Kallutaca. We meet with Ticuyo sponsored children in the zone social building, we take to Ticuyo food cooked in Tacachira. We are implementing the project class plan with the children. To promote learning we give the children study sheets to be filled at home, to later return to class with the assignment done. 

The Church: The existing church is having meetings in the Tacachira terrain all Sundays. There are 13 current members praying to gain more lives. There were visits to neighbor families to invite them to the meetings, but we need to have better rooms and a main hall to keep them from the sun, the wind and cold conditions. The main pastor family is greatly helping during the meetings. Other sponsored children and youngsters , plus some LUZ  A  LAS NACIONES (Light to the Nations) church members, also give their support through prayer and fasting.  The church and project recently participated in the zone parade to celebrate the country independence day. 


  • Staff: we long to see staff that is trained and engaged to serve the families in a godly way 
  • Infrastructure: To have enough comfortable rooms to minister the sponsored children. 
  • Church: That the families around may know and receive the Lord amidst them, to later attend the church.  


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