El Olam Church

May 2016 Update

Dear Brothers and sisters, it is a great joy to announce that we celebrated God´s promise coming truth together with our dear friends Curtis and Drew from Canyon Ridge Church!!! Pastor Edwin Guarachi says, “It was a great blessing to receive brother Curtis and brother Drew. For all our leadership it was a surprise when we were told we would be able to celebrate together the opening celebration or our brand new building. All children and parents were happy to know that a group representing Canyon Ridge church was here.”

Thank you so much for this great opportunity to celebrate together what the Lord has done in this community. We have so far 171 children and 25 moms with their babies who are impacted by El Olam church. They can now have their fully equipped classrooms and a dining room for their daily activities thanks to God and our friends from Canyon Ridge Church.

We want to glorify Jesus in every single activity!

Pastor Guarachi adds, “I can tell you so many challenges we had during the construction time, we needed to stop for a while when the coldest temperatures arrived, we borrowed classrooms to the public school in order to continue with the program and we (my family and project staff) walked so many days under the sun, rain or wind, to invite and register our children. Now, when we see their happy faces, when we listen to children repeating Bible verses, we are so happy and we know that it was all worthwhile. Now children are happy with the facilities and the community knows about the church and projects. Thank you for your support in this journey. Please continue praying for us, we surely do the same for all our brothers and sisters in Canyon Ridge church.”

One of the most impacting programs in Compassion is the Child Survival program, sister Tania Chachaque visits every mother-child registered in this program at their homes and shares with the good news of salvation. This is an amazing opportunity but also some families are very attached to their ancients beliefs. Please pray for sister Tania, for strength for her and to reach every family with the gospel for God´s glory.

The church leadership would like to thank the donors for supporting this needy area with financial support and their commitment, and especially for their visit. It was a great joy to have them on the opening celebration and to rejoice along them for this great blessing.

This church is a very courageous church. The pastor has a lot of energy and this is contagious for all the leaders.  Even though the community is far, and the project staff need to walk long distances to go to teach the children from the community, they do with joy. Children are so faithful; they don´t miss attending to the project, as they know they will receive much love and great teachings. We know that having the resources for building this church will bring so much fruit for this community. They are raising a new generation of believers and leaders for the Tacachira community, La Paz and Bolivia.

Efraim Chambi

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