El Olam Church

February 2016 Update

The “El Olam” Church sends their greetings and love in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have recently placed the ceramics in the first floor, and plastered the indoor walls of two classrooms. In January we installed the floating floor, window sills and glasses. Only one more classroom needs flooring and all of them will be finished. Priority was given to the classrooms instead of the temple because we wish to provide a comfortable and safe place for the sponsored children and mother-child units to have their activities in. In the meanwhile we are using a multifunctional classroom for the church services and meetings.

One of the challenges we have faced is the rainy season. It has hindered the progress of the construction due to the high levels of humidity, which affects the materials. The church is highly committed to this work and brothers and sisters give their time, resources and best efforts. The children attend the project Wednesday through Friday, and two age groups share one classroom as we wait for the humidity to decrease in order to conclude the third classroom. The SEC program mothers (Survival Early Childhood) have their own classroom and not long ago received special food baskets with staples and products for their babies. Our general services take place on Sundays; we also have a new pastor, his name is Edwin Guarachi. We recently began the youth group and Sunday school ministry for the children.

Please pray for our pastors, that their hearts may be filled with new strength and encouragement. Pray for the workers in the construction who come from the El Alto city, that the Lord may reward their committed hearts. Also, please pray for all those involved in this process, including yourselves, because the support we receive has been such a blessing and the wind beneath our wings. We are dreaming big dreams for this community; the youth and children have a bright and wonderful future in Jesus.

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