Iglesia del Nazareno de Santa Maria

November 2020 Update

Greetings brothers and sisters of Canyon Ridge Church! We are excited to share with you an update on the ministries and construction of Iglesia del Nazareno de Santa Maria 

In the last 60 days, the church completed the process of unification of the 3 church lands in the Mayor’s Office of Viacha, currently the documents are being processed in the Department of Real Rights. The design of the plans is in the last phase of approval with the church leaders, as soon as they make the final decision, it will be presented to the Mayor of Viacha for approval. They also cleaned the land so that it is ready to begin construction soon.  

The daughter church carried out an activity of evangelism with families and a special lunch for families to share. This form of sharing is called “Aptapi” and consists of each family bringing something to eat to share with others. The mothers bring the food in blankets called “aguayos” and spread them on the floor so that everyone who wants to eat what they have brought can approach and serve. 

The biggest challenge facing COVID-19 pandemic as it has heavily impacted the economy and social distancing regulations and government restrictions limit the activities that can be undertaken. Thanks to God, despite the limitations, zoom meetings were held to encourage church members. 

In the next 60 days, the church plans to complete the process of merging 3 lands into one, have the final architectural and engineering design of the church, and the corresponding approval of plans at the mayor’s office. Construction will begin immediately when these 2 tasks are completed. 

“I am very grateful to God and to the church for the support they give to me and to my family, I feel great joy and happiness knowing that a church will be built so that my children can come to learn more about the word of God.” 

Vianed Callisaya

Mother of 3-year-old Isabel Gutierrez


  • The church requests prayer for all the children of the daughter church, especially for those who are experiencing hardship and need. They are also very grateful for the unconditional support given to them by donors to build the house of God. 

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