2021 Virtual Bloom Retreat

April 17, 2021  12pm – 4pm EST

More information coming soon!



Our theme for this online retreat will be FEARLESS! What do we do when things fall apart? What do we do when our best laid plans do not turn out the way we intended? What do we do when even the Church as we know it shifted in unexpected ways? How should we respond? The phrase do not fear is all over Scripture. FEARLESS is the posture in which we want to lead and serve in church planting. FEARLESS for the Bloom Community means that regardless of our circumstances, we will choose not to live in fear, but to move through the world with courage that only comes from the Holy Spirit. We will take some time to discuss and reflect on what it looks like for us to take a step in our quest to live a FEARLESS story.

The Retreat

We want you to know our team is ready for you. We have crafted an online experience that will help you have sacred space to connect with God and other women in church planting. Every element of the retreat schedule has been planned with your unique needs as a woman in church planting in mind.

Our Speaker

Our retreat speaker will be announced in early 2021. Sorry to leave you on the edge of your seat!



We want you to feel seen and valued. Even though we aren’t meeting in person, there will be specific times during the virtual retreat for you to connect in small groups with women in similar life spaces and ministry roles. These relationships can help you build a network of support on your church planting journey.