Learn From Women Who Have Been There

Bloom offers several ways for you to develop as a leader, no matter your role in church planting. Learn from those who have specific expertise and experience to help you thrive in church planting.

Learning Communities

Virtual one hour workshops on various topics designed to help you navigate church planting.
Two Live Options: Thursday, September 26th @ 12PM EST & 8:30PM EST

When our culture thinks of strong leadership, the words “quiet” and “introvert” typically don’t make the list. However, well-known leaders Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling and Bill Gates are all introverts! When an introvert discovers how to lead from her strengths, she quickly excels as a leader.  Join us to learn what introversion means and how to become a strong, introverted leader at your church plant.  

…And you only have to socialize for an hour, we promise!

Two Live Options: Thursday, October 17 @ 12PM EST & 8:30PM EST

That’s right—we’re talking about money! One area we’ve heard from women is that they would like more learning opportunities about fundraising! This Learning Community will cover fundraising fundamentals as well as best practices to help you tell your story and help others feel empowered to give. We will also give you a ton of resources for further exploration on your fundraising journey.

Tuesday, November 19 @ 12PM EST 

In this Learning Community, Debbie Jones, founder and Senior Director of Bloom, will share the ways she effectively navigated change and empowered others to create a ministry that will last. How do you look for leaders that are different than yourself? When should you let go and when should you step into leadership? How do you even find your style of leadership? Come hear how to identify ways to stay encouraged and lead strong, wherever you are on your church planting journey!


Virtual online classes ranging from 4-6 weeks to train and develop you on specific topics.

Preaching Intensive Beginning in October

Led by Vanessa Pugh, this Preaching, Teaching, and Storytelling Intensive is focused specifically to help you consider your own calling, help you know where to start, what to say, and how to wrap it up. The class will meet for 4 live sessions on Fridays from 12-1pm EST. Vanessa co-planted Velocity Christian Church 10 years ago and regularly preaches and speaks at conferences.

Worship Intensive Beginning in October

 All three sessions are live and will be lead by Jill Williams. Jill is an experienced worship leader and will be leading worship at the 2019 Bloom Retreat in the fall. This intensive will teach all the basics and more. Cost is $25. The best part is the time and space to ask your questions!

Special Online Events

Special virtual gatherings for the Bloom community.

New to Bloom?

Register for our upcoming Bloom Basics class on October 16, 2019 at 12pm EST or 8:30pm EST to learn more about how Bloom can help you thrive in church planting!