Helping Women Maximize Their Roles in Starting Churches

Churches don’t thrive if women aren’t there.

God has given each of His children gifts His church needs to thrive. If women do not fulfill their calling within the church, the church cannot thrive. That’s why Bloom exists – to help women maximize their roles in starting and supporting healthy, thriving churches.

How Bloom Helps Women and Churches Thrive


Our world needs more churches: healthy, thriving churches! Through Stadia’s value of relationships, Bloom helps women to maximize their roles in starting churches.

Community and Connection

The Bloom Community is for women in church planting. From pre-launch to launch, during growth and multiplication, the Bloom Community helps women connect with one another to share in the joys and challenges of starting a church.

Resources for Church Planting Women

Bloom provides accessible programming and networking opportunities to help women thrive in church planting. Whether in-person or online, these offerings help women build community with others who are on the church planting journey.

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