Amplify Your Impact

Find authentic relationships and accessible resources to help you thrive in church planting

Let’s Play a Game.

Have You Ever…?



...thrown together a meal for 20 people in 20 minutes?



...gotten a knock on the door after you've put on your pjs?



...served in more than one volunteer role on the same day?



...wondered if anyone else understands the journey you're on?



Us, Too.

We’ve been on the journey you’re on – and even though no two journeys are exactly the same, we understand the unique challenges of church planting! And that’s why Bloom exists – to help women in church planting:

Find Authentic Community

With other women and leaders who understand the unique challenges and joys of church planting


Access Practical Resources

At your own pace and based on your own needs along the journey

Amplify Your Impact

And make sure that your church planting experience shows the fullness of life that Jesus brings

We’ve Been Where You Are.

And we want to help you thrive on the journey! That’s why we’ve helped over 1,200 women find authentic relationships and access practical resources over the last decade. Our director, Heidy Tandy, is a church planter, too – and she has a message for you as you consider the next steps on your journey.

Amplify Your Impact Today!

With Bloom to support you, finding authentic community and accessing practical resources is simple.

2. Attend our 30-minute Bloom Basics Meetup

3. Find the Relationships and Resources That Help You Thrive!