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“Bloom” Where You’re Planting

Jan 18, 2022

Did you always dream of a career in ministry? Well—here you are now: a real live church planter!

Oddly, as a 28-year-old woman, one of my favorite movies has always been the 1992 film, A River Runs Through It (OK, I may have had a crush on young Brad Pitt). I think of an early scene with the two brothers, cloud gazing, asking each other what they want to be when they grow up. Younger brother, Paul, shares thrilling dreams of becoming a professional fly fisherman or a boxer—dreams commonly expected for a boy to have. Older Brother Norman states, without any hesitation, that he wants to be a minister. After all, that was the career of his admired father. It makes sense to follow in the footsteps of the ones we admire most.

I think of all the things I dreamt of becoming when I was young: a teacher, an artist, or maybe even a zookeeper. I sat in classrooms with kind teachers, and one very eclectic art teacher that got me pumped about shapes and colors. I never named the dream of working in ministry as a child, but it’s where God ended up mobilizing my unique set of passions and talents for the good of His kingdom. Pieces of my childhood dreams have been lived out in unexpected ways. For several years, I worked as the Creative Director for Student Ministries at a mega-church and used creativity and art every day. I taught young people about the hope of Jesus, and regularly managed the chaos of middle schoolers and high schoolers that could be equivalent to that of a zoo.

When I think about the next generation of church planters, I wonder what they’re currently dreaming of becoming. Have they had access to a church where they can learn about the truth and grace of Jesus? Do they have access to mentors and leaders who nurture and grow a desire to love the Lord? I specifically think of the next generation of women—do they know that they’re allowed to dream about being a leader or pastor? We’ve all heard the phrase, “Bloom where you’re planted” but what if you’re planted in the calling to start a church?

If you’re not familiar with Bloom already, let me introduce you! Bloom is a ministry of Stadia that champions all women in church planting—no matter their role or responsibility. They’re a community that gathers regularly—thriving through connection and learning. You won’t want to miss their podcast where they host inspiring guests and dive into real talk. They know that women in church planting have different stories, journeys, and unique job responsibilities. The women of Bloom come from different backgrounds and traditions, but they all have two things in common: they’ve experienced starting a church and they’re committed to sharing the hope of Jesus.

Bloom authentically shows up for women with empathy and encouragement. They grow and learn together, and they strive to bloom where they’re planting. This community of women has the potential to change the future of church planting by being a mirror for young girls to see that someone like them can wonderfully live out a life of love and service to God.

If you’re a woman in church planting and need the voices of other women who “get it” in your life, Bloom is the perfect place to start. This month, 2022 Connect Groups are launching with multiple gathering times to fit into your busy life. Take a listen to The Plant Strong Podcast, and find even more ways to get involved with Bloom by following them on social media!

Join us in praying for the next generation of church planters—men and women, that they may dream big dreams and be encouraged to love and lead others one day!

Lauren Hart

Lauren Hart

Marketing Coordinator

Before joining Stadia, Lauren spent several years as the Student Ministries Creative Director at Flatirons Church in Colorado. Her years in Student Ministry make her really fun at dance parties and slightly addicted to candy. Lauren recently got married and moved to Kansas City with her husband. The two have been enjoying BBQ, remodeling a home, and building new friendships. Lauren likes art, traveling, making tacos, and eating tacos. Lauren loves being a part of the Stadia Team and starting new churches for the next generation!