Bloom Podcast Packs a Punch

Feb 17, 2020

I have fallen in love with the medium of podcasting. Like books and blogs, podcasts cover a large variety of topics. Do you like cats? Do you enjoy murder mysteries? Do you enjoy murder mysteries that involve cats? There’s a podcast episode for that. 

Couple the variety with the fact that I can be simultaneously doing something with my hands like driving, eating or washing dishes and I’m in! We all lead full lives and maximizing the use of our time is a reality we are faced with daily. In general, podcasts fit into this reality. To be specific, the Bloom Podcast, Plant Strong, has become a podcast staple in my church planting journey. 

I don’t know about you, but I can use all the help I can get when it comes to leading well in church planting. I don’t know all the things. But, knowing all the things would be helpful. Therefore, I want to know all the things—you know? If you are looking for a resource to help you lead well and that packs a punch, you’ll want to check out Plant Strong

The Plant Strong podcast is uniquely designed with church planting women in mind. Each episode speaks to the challenges and struggles we face while trying to grow God’s kingdom. In the many months that I have been listening to and now editing for the podcast I have learned so many important concepts. Concepts like securing my identity in Christ and not my church, staving off feelings of isolation, important leadership principles and leaning into God’s call. 

The later is especially true for me. Through Bloom and most notably the podcast, I have been reminded that I am uniquely gifted and my voice matters. In the last 2 years I have stepped into full-time ministry, co-authored a new blog and started a podcast of my own. That’s a whole lot of things and I’ve got to give credit to the podcast for helping to fan a flame inside me and simultaneously support me as I stepped into these areas. 

Additionally, I’ve gleaned so much about leading well. There is something special about hearing the triumphs and trials of others. I am so grateful for the guests that have willingly shared the things they have done well or not so well, all in an effort to help me be the best leader I can be. 

One of my favorite guests on the podcast is Kadi Cole. In episodes 26 and 27 Kadi lays down several eye opening principles regarding the difference between the general call to action that God gives all His followers and the specific gifting that He gives to certain people. She really had me thinking about the ministries I lead. I found myself asking whether or not I should be leading them. I wasn’t questioning if I could do it, but more so if I was the one to do it.

I find that in church planting sometimes you just have to do things you aren’t necessarily “called” to do. I mean, someone has to get the coffee made, right? But this “all hands on deck” mentality shouldn’t be a forever state of mind. 
I was challenged by Kadi to look within my ministry and pull out the things that I didn’t have to be doing or even the things that someone else could do better than me. That last idea stings a little, but was exactly what I needed to help drive my leadership forward. If I’m truly trying to lead then I need to admit when someone is more capable and invite them into using their skills for God’s Kingdom. 

Impacting God’s Kingdom through church planting is beautiful. Impacting God’s Kingdom through church planting is hard. Plant Strong can be a resource for you to grow even through the ups and downs of the church planting journey!

Kerry Smith is the Director of Women and Children at Good News Church, a 4 year old Stadia Church plant in Powell, Ohio. Kerry co-authors A Place for Everything blog and hosts a podcast called Gathered Courage. You can engage with these endeavors through Instagram at @gatheredcouragepodcast and @aplaceforeverything4. Kerry enjoys reading, watching sports and spending time with her husband Darin and sons Harrison (8) and Hudson (6). 

Kerry Smith

Director of Women and Children, Good News Church (Powell, OH)