Updates from Greg's Everest Basecamp Trek

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Every child matters.

Each year Stadia helps start hundreds of new churches that intentionally care for children throughout the United States and around the world. In 2021 Stadia helped start 456 new churches and in 2022, we anticipate that number climbing even higher! In the challenging times that the world is facing, it is difficult to even imagine the life and community transformation that these new churches will bring, and the Hope that is waiting for thousands and thousands of children and families.

On May 9th, I will be embarking on a journey with 8 other leaders, a journey that is designed to bring awareness and provide resources to bring that Hope to everyone who needs it. Each leader has committed to raising $50,000+ and my personal goal is $200,000 – with a total goal of $500,000 to plant churches that intentionally care for children. Through our journey, my prayer is that you will be inspired to make a high-impact difference through starting new churches. I pray that you will become fully aware of the need for the hope of Jesus to be shared throughout the world, and that you will invest by providing resources to make sure that every child on the planet has a church!

Our team of 9 will be trekking more than 50 miles through the mountains of Nepal to Mount Everest climbing basecamp. At times we will be ascending to nearly 19,000 feet above sea level. Nighttime temperatures will be below freezing. Why are we doing this crazy thing? Because every child matters!

Here’s what I’m asking you to do:

    1. Pray. For our team as we trek and for the children around the world that will be hearing the Good News of Jesus for the very first time.
    2. Follow. Please engage with the videos and social media posts we share throughout our trek—journey with us. Follow as God raises your awareness of the needs of children around the world—what is he inviting you to do?
    3. Invest. Give generously to ensure that hundreds of thriving, growing, multiplying new churches are started in 2022. It does not happen without you!

Reflections from the Climb


A Somber Moment…

A somber moment during our Trek to Everest Basecamp. This site pays homage to those who have lost their life trekking Everest. We know that death doesn't have the final victory, Jesus does!  And that is why we are climbing, to start churches that will share this good...

Our First Glimpse of Everest

What a day!  We spent 7 hours hiking and got our first glimpse of Everest through a break in the clouds!  It is a breathtaking display of God's creativity! In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him. Psalm 95:4

Who Does That?

Currently trekking over 50 miles in the Himalayas toward Everest Basecamp is a team who loves the vision of Stadia. They’re taking physical steps (up a mountain) to further the mission of making sure that every child, everywhere, has a church. But who does that… And...

Every Child Matters!

In 2021 Stadia will help plant more than 550 new churches that intentionally care for children throughout the United States and around the world. In 2022, we anticipate that number climbing to 800 new churches! In the challenging times that the world is facing, it is...