Your Stadia Annual Report



Church planting remains the most effective way to reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

This year, you’ve planted 243 churches that intentionally care for children, but we know that our joint vision is to see a world where every child has a church. We all know there is more work to be done, but you’ve provided the world with 243 more churches that are sharing the hope of Jesus with people who desperately need to know it. That’s why every statistic you see represented in this report is a celebration of the impact you’ve made during 2019.

Your audacious generosity makes everything you’re about to read possible. Thank you.

U.S. Church Planting

In 2019, you planted 68 churches in the U.S.




In all, you have planted 379 churches across the United States since 2003!

624 Baptisms Reported in 2019*

*in U.S. church plants

866 Planter Inquiries Processed in 2019

15 Denominations and Networks Served with Open Hands


132 Planters and Leaders Assessed in 2019

970 Women Served by Bloom: Church Planting Women


Average attendance of 201 people weekly*



*in U.S. church plants

Global Church Planting

In 2019, you planted 175 churches across the globe.




In all, you have planted 501 churches around the world since 2011!

In 2019, you released 6,816 children from poverty through sponsorship.




In all, you have sponsored 46,554 children in Latin America since 2011!


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