2021 could be a lot like 2020 – and most of us don’t want that. But even if 2020 was a GREAT year for your church, there are still so many people that will never be reached through a purely physical church! On a mission to introduce everyone to the hope of Jesus, we have to make sure we go where everyone is – online.

Stadia Phygital can help you get started. Starting January 26, I’m inviting you to be a part of our 10-week Learning Communities, designed specifically to help you develop a strategy for Phygital Church (a mix of your physical and digital church life!)


      1. Register for a Learning Community
      2. Watch the content and debrief with your cohort
      3. Reach people with the hope of Jesus, exactly where they are!

2020, we gave you a try, but in 2021, we’re turning the corner.

Let’s stop trying to replicate our physical ministries online, and start creating a phygital strategy that shares the hope of Jesus with more people than ever before. A Phygital Learning Community can be the catalyst for 2021 to be your best year ever.