God’s Story. Our Role.

In the fall of 2003, leaders of the Northern California Evangelistic Association (NCEA) met with leaders of the Church Development Fund (CDF) with the vision of a heavenly city 12,000 stadia long and filled with people from every nation praising God (Revelation 21:16). It was out of this vision that Stadia was formed to bring people and churches together to plant churches that intentionally care for children. Since its inception, Stadia has planted over 600 churches in the U.S. and globally, and we will not stop pursuing our heavenly vision until every child has a church.

Our Values


Children are close to the heart of God, so they are close to the heart of Stadia. Since the majority of those who make a decision to follow Jesus do so before the age of 18, it is vital that our churches reach the hearts of our children.


There are more than seven billion people on this planet – seven billion people who God desperately and deeply loves and who need the hope of Jesus. We must pursue God’s people while we are able so that as many as possible may accept and understand the love of Jesus.


All great partnerships are built on the foundation of meaningful relationships. Just as Jesus stepped near to build relationship with us, we must step near others to build trust and foster generous collaboration that can change the world. We believe that together, we are better!


Stadia partners with high impact leaders to plant high impact churches. We discover and prepare planters as well as seek out strategic partnerships that ensure our new churches will change their communities and the world with the hope of Jesus Christ.


When there is a party in Heaven, there should be a party here on earth! Life is a gift and Jesus is a gift, so new life in Jesus is the greatest gift of all! Let’s celebrate it every chance we get!