Start New Churches for the Next Generation

Stadia’s mission is to help you start thriving, growing, multiplying churches for the next generation. Why? Because as more churches close their doors, fewer people are experiencing the life-changing hope of Jesus. Stadia prepares leaders to start healthy churches that intentionally reach the next generation of believers, spreading the hope of Jesus farther than ever before.


And we won’t stop until every child has a church.


How we start churches for the next generation

U.S. Church Planting

U.S. Church Planting

Starting local churches that bring hope to the next generation in the U.S.

Global Church Planting

Global Church Planting

Starting local churches that bring hope to the next generation around the world

Church Planting Women

Bloom Church Planting Women

Helping women thrive in church planting

Services of Stadia Church Planting

Church Planting Services

The tools you’ll need to start or maintain a healthy church.

Our Values Drive Our Vision


Meaningful relationships are the foundation of all great partnerships. Our relationships with church planters, partners, and other organizations are of utmost importance because they point to the most valuable relationship of all – our relationship with Jesus Christ. When we all work together in service of that relationship, we advance the Kingdom, together.


There are eight billion people in the world who need to know Jesus. It is imperative that we work with urgency to ensure that there are local churches where each one of those people can encounter the grace and love of Jesus Christ.


Everything that is done for the Kingdom of God should make a positive impact on the world. We value partnerships with planters and organizations who work to understand their local contexts and meet the felt needs of the people in those areas. These high-impact partners help Stadia offer services that will truly make a difference in the world.


Children are close to the heart of God, so they are close to the heart of Stadia. Since the majority of those who make a decision to follow Jesus do so before the age of 18, it is vital that new churches reach the hearts of our children. Stadia partners with planters and organizations that start churches where children and adults can encounter the love of God.


New life in Jesus is the greatest gift any person will ever receive, and it deserves to be celebrated! We value the art of celebration, naming the many ways we’ve seen Jesus work powerfully in and through His people and church planting. If Heaven is having a party, we should, too!