plants churches that intentionally care for children

You see the need for more churches.

You see them. You see people in your community and around the world who need the Good News of Jesus Christ. You see the lost, the lonely, the lifeless. You know God’s answer is the local church. But there just aren’t enough of them. We need a new generation of leaders and a new generation of churches to reach out with fresh expressions of God’s unchanging message. How will you lead in starting more churches that bring the hope of Jesus to the world?

Stadia is ready to help!

Stadia has had the honor of helping hundreds of great leaders like you start new churches. With these leaders, we share a passionate desire to see a world where every child will experience the love of Jesus Christ through the local church. Are you ready to invest in the next generation by partnering and/or planting with Stadia? Do you know someone who is? Stadia is ready to help! Because we won’t stop … until Every Child Has a Church.


Stadia began with a vision of a city – a heavenly city 12,000 stadia long and filled with people from every nation praising God (Revelation 21:16). We exist to make this vision a reality by bringing people and churches together to plant healthy churches that transform the lives of children, now and for eternity.


Stadia began in the fall of 2003, when leaders of the Northern California Evangelistic Association (NCEA) met with leaders of the Church Development Fund (CDF) to create a nationwide church planting organization called Stadia. Since then, Stadia and our partners have planted almost 289+ U.S. churches and 189+ global churches and has mobilized sponsorship of over 30,000 children in impoverished communities.


Children are close to the heart of God. So they are close to the heart of Stadia. “And whoever welcomes one such child in my name, welcomes me.” 85% of those who make a decision to follow Jesus do so between the ages of 4 and 14.


There are more than 7 billion people on this planet. 7 billion people who God desperately and deeply loves. 7 billion people who need the hope of Jesus.


All great partnerships are built on the foundation of meaningful relationships. Trust matters. Generous collaboration changes the world. Together we’re better!


Stadia partners with high impact leaders to plant high impact churches. We discover and prepare planters as well as seek out strategic partnerships that ensure our new churches will change their communities and the world with the hope of Jesus Christ.


When there’s a party in Heaven there should be a party here on earth. Life is a gift. Jesus is a gift. New life in Jesus is the greatest gift of all. Let’s celebrate.

I don’t know where I’d be if someone hadn’t planted the local church where I grew up to hear about Jesus. I don’t know where I’d be without my grandmother, who ended every prayer for me, “Please let Greg grow up to be a preacher.” Since I was nine years old, she planted seeds of leadership into my life. Now I have dedicated my life to ensuring children around the world have local churches that teach them the hope of Jesus and help them become everything God intended them to be.

Greg Nettle

Stadia President