A Statement from Greg Nettle

Jun 17, 2020

On behalf of Stadia Church Planting:

I am speaking with you as President of Stadia—a humbled leader who is struggling to respond in a way that reflects the heart of God, and as the father of a black son lamenting  injustice that will undoubtedly continue to affect his life,  and as a white male who perseveres in seeking forgiveness, working through systemic racial shame in order to grow in my Christlike love for all people.

Let me be crystal clear, Stadia is unapologetic in our conviction that black lives not only matter but that they are beloved of God.  As Jesus came to lift the oppressed, so Stadia will follow His example.

Stadia’s vision is for every child to have a church. We work towards this reality by planting churches that intentionally and strategically care for children.  All children.  Every child.  This makes the 48% of all children in the United States who are non-white and the overwhelming number of children around the globe who are non-white, of utmost priority to us.

Stadia plants churches that are committed to helping all people experience God’s Kingdom right now and for all eternity.  A Kingdom that is portrayed in the book of Revelation as having no more crying, no more mourning, no more pain. A Kingdom where people from every nation, tribe, race and language worship together side by side (Revelation 21:4; 7:9).

am incredibly proud of the church planters we serve throughout the United States and around the world. Church planters who follow the example of Jesus in bringing Good News to the poor, releasing those who are in captivity, restoring sight to the blind and setting the oppressed free (Luke 4:18). Church planters who, following the instruction and example of Jesus, are champions of all those who are oppressed: Our black and brown skinned brothers and sisters in the United States, the Quechua in South America, the Rohingya in Myanmar, the lower castes of South Asia.

We as an organization have a long way to go.  So much to learn. We are committed to being part of the solution. This matters to God and it matters to us. Stadia is committed to the fullness of the Gospel—a Gospel where all barriers are removed. Stadia is committed to building multi-racial relationships with those who are able to examine us, educate us, and speak transforming truth into our lives and ministry. Stadia is committed to planting churches that will transform the world.

Stadia will not stop until EVERY child has a church!

Devoted to a God-given passion for The Church and its responsibility to plant new churches – churches specifically designed to reach out to children at physical and spiritual risk – Greg Nettle serves as President of Stadia Church Planting. As a visionary and catalytic leader, Greg has led Stadia from planting a handful of churches to planting more than 200 churches around the globe in 2019. Under his leadership, Stadia has developed strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations such as Compassion International and has refined its portfolio of unique and highly effective church planting services, positioning the organization for continued exponential growth.  

Prior to his time at Stadia, Greg served as leader of the RiverTree Movement in Ohio for 25 years. His sense of adventure has taken him around the world as he has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, Cotopaxi and Whitney (among others) to raise funds to bless children on the margins of society.

Greg’s most important partner in life is his wife, Julie, as they lead their children, Tabitha and Elijah, to fall deeply in love with Jesus. He is an author, speaker and consultant as an agent of change in the global church and has co-authored three books: Small Matters, in collaboration with Compassion International President Jimmy Mellado, One Of and Disciples Who Make Disciples.

Greg Nettle

President, Stadia