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Although there are over 40 different calendar types used throughout the world today, the majority of us schedule our lives around 52 weeks.

As we age, weeks seem to pass more quickly, and we realize time doesn’t stop or slow down for us—not in our best moments and not in our worst. No matter what age we are, we’re limited to 52 weeks.

Then there’s our work life. We live out routines where “Sunday is always coming,” or we’re constantly planning for the next gathering only a few days away.

All any of us have is 52 weeks a year to make an impact and reach the people around us with the hope of Jesus.

When we’re realistic about the time we have, we’re more likely to make our weeks count. We’re more likely to seek those who are far from Jesus, more likely to make a difference in our communities, spread hope, serve our neighbors, and live out our faith.

52 Weeks is a project powered by Stadia to collect and share stories of impact that “spur one another on” to start thriving, growing, multiplying churches.

We’re eager to celebrate the mighty work God’s doing through new churches, in the hearts of their leaders, and through those who are investing in the work of church multiplication. We believe there is urgency and the possibility to inspire others to action.

52 Weeks tells your story: The story of what God is doing in your life, your church, and your community as you impact the next generation for Jesus.

Instructions for Team Stadia: Story Collection

  1. Get permission to ask and record the answers to at least one of the three questions below — Ask: “Is it ok if I ask you some questions for Stadia’s 52 Weeks series and record your answers? Do we have permission to share what you say on social media or in a blog post?”
  2. Record the conversation — Use the camera app on your phone to start a video recording. If you’re able to capture a selfie video of your conversation, that’s great, but we’re really just concerned about capturing the audio.
  3. Take a picture of the individual you’re talking to, and also grab a selfie with them — This gives us options, but we can also reach back out to them if we need more photos.
  4. Get their contact info if you don’t already have it.
  5. Thank them for sharing.
  6. Upload photos and video to the designated Box folder with the button below.

Questions to Ask New-Church Leaders and Partners

Essential Question
What difference is your church making in your community? Tell us a story, or give us an example of one of the ways you’re impacting a community (locally or around the world).

Ask If There’s Time
Why does starting new churches matter?
What has God been teaching you about starting a new church lately?
What makes your church unique?

Ask Investors and Investing churches
Why does starting new churches matter to you?
Why should people (or Churches) invest in starting new churches? 

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