2021 Second Quarter Highlights

Jun 30, 2021

Every three months, we’ll round up a few highlights from the past quarter. We can hardly believe summer is already here, but as we head into Q3 we are inspired and motivated by the church leaders we are honored to work alongside in our shared mission of starting churches for the next generation!   

Q2 Numbers 

Just the cold, hard facts – if that’s what you’re into! It’s not about the numbers, but we know these numbers represent children, families, and entire communities whose lives are being changed as new churches spread the hope of Jesus. 

  • 4 U.S. churches launched (for a total of 14 so far in 2021)
  • 12 global churches started through our global partnerships (for a total of 125 so far in 2021)
  • 92 people have begun and/or going through Discovery that started in Q2
  • 27 potential church planters have gone through Church Planting Assessment 
  • 72 churches served through our training services, such as fundraising intensives, pre-launch training, etc.

Q2 Words 

We love stories! Especially ones about the Church moving forward and spreading the hope of Jesus farther than before. Here’s a few of our favorites from the past three months:

Why Your City Needs More Than One Type of Church: Austin Abney of Lifepointe Church in Raleigh, NC shares the experience of starting ‘church on the block.’

There’s a Hole in Our Mission: Robert Frazier wrote about discipling the next generation and how the method of Jesus was teaching teenagers the way of the Kingdom and releasing them to make disciples of the nations.

Mental Health and The Church: Trey Hayman, church planter and mental health advocate, shares ways to reframe mental health and the church.

Wanting to be a Woman I Wasn’t: Josie Barton reflects on Proverbs 31 and her freeing realization of what it means to be a Proverbs 31 woman.

Finding My Place in The Church: Rachel Hunka shares her experience going through Church Planting Assessment, and how she was able to find her place in the church.

Q2 Conversations 

We value relationships and as we said above…we LOVE stories! Below we’ve highlighted a few wonderful podcast episodes/interviews that you don’t want to miss.

Edible Theology: On Bloom’s Plant Strong Podcast, Lisa sits down with Kendall Vanderslice, a baker, writer, and speaker to talk about ways to creatively gather your community around the table.

Three Reasons Your Church Needs To Go Multimodal: TheChurch.Digital talks all things multimodal, and why your church should go multimodal.

Q2 Celebrations 

We’re thankful for the Kingdom work being done by church leaders across the globe. Let’s CELEBRATE all that has been done – and 2021 has just begun! 

Mohi & Stadia Announce New Partnership Model: We are SO excited about this new partnership! Learn more about global church planting here.

Five Reasons to Binge Watch ‘Planted’ Today: We started a vlog! Head over to our youtube channel to check out season 1 of ‘Planted,’ a vlog following the lives of church planters in Harlem, NYC.

Q2 Prayer Requests 

As a staff, we are intentionally focusing on prayer in 2021 as we ‘Ask, Seek, and Knock.’ We invite you to pray along with us for the Church to thrive. Sign up to be a prayer partner here and get monthly update videos from Greg. Here are a few prayer requests as we continue into a new season.

  • Continue to pray for the Church to thrive in 2021 and beyond; we are passionate about helping start churches for the next generation, including the many expressions of Church.
  • Our second Innovation Meetup is happening August 17th! Pray for this to be a time of encouragement and inspiration for church planters and leaders.
  • Our second annual Go the Extra Mile Day will be here in September!