Starting New Churches for The Next Generation

… and spreading the hope of Jesus farther than ever before.

The Church Is Facing A Perfect Storm

The world’s population is booming, meaning there are more people than ever who need to know about Jesus. But each year, over 3,700 churches close their doors forever, meaning there are fewer churches where people can meet Jesus for the first time.

Combined, this means fewer and fewer people are experiencing the hope of Jesus – and that’s a problem.


We need more churches that are prepared to thrive.

Starting New Churches…

… Fulfills the Great Commission

Jesus commands us to make, baptize, and teach disciples in all nations. Starting new churches in the U.S. and around the world is the best way to fulfill that Great Commission.

… Introduces the Next Generation to Jesus

Most people who choose to follow Jesus do so before their 18th birthday. New churches are intentional about reaching the next generation with the hope of Jesus.

… Shares the Hope of Jesus with a Hurting World

The world is looking for hope. The church knows the one true source of hope – Jesus. New churches are more effective at reaching people who have never heard of the hope that Jesus can bring.

You’ve experienced the hope of Jesus, and you want to ensure the next generation does, too.


Let Stadia help you make sure that more and more people get to experience the life-changing hope of Jesus. With over 1,000 churches started in 17 years, we have the tools needed to prepare leaders to start thriving churches.

408 U.S. Church Plants

686 Global Church Plants

48,000+ Children Sponsored 

Bring the Hope of Jesus to the Next Generation

1. Choose A Way to Start New Churches

You can choose to give to start new churches, or start a new church as a church planter!

2. Complete a Simple Form

Fill out a simple donation form if you choose to give, or a form that will launch our planter discovery process if you want to lead a new church!

3. Start a New Church for the Next Generation!

Giving of your time, talent, or treasure is what starts new churches – and brings the hope of Jesus to the next generation! Yay, you!


Are You Ready to Start A New Church?


Our free PDF resource, 10 Ways To Tell If You’re Ready to Start A New Church, can help!

Download it now and get one step closer to starting a new church for the next generation!

How Stadia starts churches for the next generation

U.S. Church Planting

Starting local churches that bring hope to the next generation in the U.S.

Global Church Planting

Starting local churches that bring hope to the next generation around the world

Bloom Church Planting Women

Helping women thrive in church planting

Church Planting Services

The tools you’ll need to start or maintain a healthy church.



Did you know that most people who make a lifelong decision to follow Jesus do so by the age of  35 – and the vast majority of those have made their decision by the age of 18? Reaching the next generation with the hope of Jesus is crucial for the message of the Gospel to continue to spread. And spreading the Gospel is what Jesus commanded us to do – to go, make, teach, and baptize disciples, all around the world.

At Stadia, we take that commission seriously – and we know you do, too. That’s why our partnership could change the world! New churches are statistically more likely to reach people who have never heard about the hope of Jesus, and with population exploding across the globe, we need churches to hold all those people! We take our jobs seriously – but we celebrate, too, each time a new church begins to reach and impact its community with the hope of Jesus Christ. And the best part is, this calling needs YOU. Together, we can start new churches that reach the next generation with the hope of Jesus – until every child on this planet has a church.