A New Generation of Church Planters

Church Planting Women

Women in church planting have unique opportunities and challenges. That’s why Stadia’s Bloom empowers women in church planting to discover and develop their God-given gifts and talents so that they can maximize their role in starting new churches.

Where are We Planting?

Stadia has helped launch over 500 church plants! But we’re just getting started.
Find out where we’re planting next.

Stadia is more than a church planting organization. It is people who know and care about our dream to plant churches.

Mike Ferrulli

First Christian Church (Huntington Beach, CA)

With Stadia you’re never alone. You have someone to support you through the pitfalls and the celebrations of church planting.

Heidy Tandy

Movement Church (Newport KY/2014)

Stadia is Ready to Help!

Stadia has had the honor of helping thousands of leaders start great churches. With our partners and planters we share a passionate desire to see a world where every child will experience the love of Jesus through a local church. Are you a leader who is ready to invest in the next generation by partnering or planting with Stadia? Let’s get started!


9 Ways to Find Catalytic Leaders

Recently a friend of mine, whose church is a partner of Stadia, told me about how their search for church planting residents was going. He then asked for any ideas or suggestions I might have for finding catalytic leaders. After responding to him, my team and I...

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Quality Hang at Expo DC

I remember the first time I went to an Exponential event in 2013. Being in a room with thousands of other church planters and people passionate about church planting practically had me vibrating with excitement. I remember sitting in the back of the balcony at First...

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The Coverage Tug of War

Group benefits. There, we said it. Let the tug of war begin. On one side, we feel the pressure of constraints on finances and the need to be fiscally sound. Suddenly, we also feel a pull from the other side loudly speaking the need for a group health plan that is...

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